Me in the Middle





$5.00 for ebook
$20 for paperback


$3 for one copy of one book, ordinary postage.
$6 for one copy of one book, with tracking.

Our first book of poetry by Anita Buswell, was published in January 2018. These are selected poems written over more than 60 years by Anita Buswell, who lived in the Riverina, NSW. Her poems, in rhyme, free verse and other forms, cover life stories, reflections on family and spiritual matters. The illustrations are by Denise McKenzie.

Anita Buswell was 94 at Christmas time in 2016 when she told her family she regretted that she had never published a book of her poetry. The family saw no reason why it had to remain that way, and now that book is available in print and electronic versions.