How Riverton Press began

Riverton Press began with my mother’s poetry book, Me in the Middle. We had a publisher but when they sent the draft of the ready-to-print book, Nita Buswell said, in her decisive no-two-ways-about-it fashion, “the font’s too small, I can’t read it, that’s no good”. As the editor refused to change his “house style”, and under pressure from Nita: “we’d better hurry up with this book, I’ll be dead by Christmas”, I decided to publish it myself. This was September, 2017. In October Nita saw we had control of the product and said, “I always wanted illustrations with my poems, I’ll ask Denise”. My cousin Denise McKenzie responded nobly with wonderful colour drawings by November, and we had a wonderful book launch in Wagga Wagga on a hot air-conditioner-melting day in January 2018.