Riverton Press is a publishing house based in Sydney, NSW. We publish poetry, memoir, family history, local history and works in translation to and from Spanish.

Mandala, Huichol art, Mexico.

Riverton Press

was founded by Jacqueline Buswell in 2018, and offers publishing and translation services.

Jacqueline is a Sydney-based writer and translator. She has worked as a journalist and taught English as a foreign language, and is currently a Spanish-English translator, with certification from the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). Jacqueline is a member of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT).

Ginninderra Press published her first book of poetry, Song of a Journeywoman, in 2013.

Her poem City Suite was presented in a concert performance for piano and violin by Duo Deconet in 2015 in Sydney and Canberra.


sprinting on quicksand book of poetry by Jacqueline Buswell. 2020 paper back AUD $25.00
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Me in the Middlebook of poetry by Anita Buswell. 2018 paper back AUD $20.00
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Salmons of Ashmontfamily memoir by Anita Buswell, 1996, E edition 2020 ebook AUD $5.00 View DetailsJourneys – Australian Women in MexicoCompiled & edited by Ruth Adler, Jacqueline Buswell & Jenny Cooper ebook AUD $10.00 View Details


Me in the Middle, our first book of poetry by Anita Buswell, was published in January 2018. These are selected poems written over more than 60 years by Anita Buswell, who livedin the Riverina, NSW. Her poems, in rhyme, free verse and other forms, cover life stories, reflections on family and spiritual matters. The illustrations are by Denise McKenzie.

Anita Buswell was 94 at Christmas time in 2016 when she told her family she regretted that she had never published a book of her poetry. The family saw no reason why it had to remain that way, and now that book is available in print and electronic versions.

sprinting on quicksand, a book of poetry by Jacqueline Buswell, appeared in 2020. It is Jacqueline’s second volume of poems and her themes include biography, social commentary, a Japanese travelogue and reflections on art.

Jacqueline Buswell is a poet with a strong Irish background, a nomadic mind and sharp eyes and ears. This collection is written in a wide range of tones and forms, offered to the reader in precise language and dynamic cinematic narratives. A very sincere desire for a world of love and justice runs through her poems. 

Salmons of Ashmont, by Anita Buswell, tells about her family as she was growing up. The memoir covers several decades of the 20th century in rural New South Wales, as seen
through the eyes of one of the younger members of a large family.

Ashmont was the name of the land where the family led by James and Mary Ann Salmon lived from around 1922. Then on the outskirts of Wagga Wagga, NSW, it is now part of a suburb in that city. James and Mary Ann had 10 children and this book tells of their personalities, interests and conflicts and the financial difficulties faced during the Depression years.

In telling the stories of each of 10 children and their parents, Anita Buswell shows how rural New South Wales changed during the first half of the 20 th century. The children went to school on horseback, by horse and sulky or on bicycles. Dad finally bought a car for his eldest daughter. Family pastimes included exploits on horses, flying lessons, violin classes, singing and dancing, bush poetry. The book includes photos of family members and their beloved horses, and the cover drawing by Denise McKenzie is based on iconic family imagery.

Anita Buswell wrote and published this book in 1996 and held a memorable book launch at
the time. Anita did not intend the book solely for family members, as she was well aware
that her stories are relevant for the local history of rural Australia.

Journeys – Australian Women in Mexico

Compiled & edited by Ruth Adler, Jacqueline Buswell & Jenny Cooper

Our latest release has a Mexican flavour, it is a collection of stories, poems, song lyrics and reflections from Australians in Mexico. The book began as a passing idea in a casual conversation a few years ago and became a reality especially thanks to the constant dedication over all that time by two of its editors, Jenny Cooper and Ruth Adler.

Some of the 13 contributors lived in Mexico for a long time, some still live there, others visited once or several times. They vary in age and in their motives for travelling to Mexico;  their writings span a period of 50 years since the 1970s. One set up a business, another established a refuge and surf project for children in the southern state of Chiapas; another undertook gender transition between her visits and so experienced the country from two different gender perspectives.  Our contributors include academics and poets, a diplomat, a singer, a model, and women who went to Mexico to accompany or meet a partner.

The Australian Embassy in Mexico made a welcome donation for the book design and printing costs. Riverton Press is very happy to say this is our first book made in Mexico! We  warmly thank the contributors and the designer, Ricardo Gallardo Sanchez, of Mutare Editorial & Communications in Mexico City.

The book is printed in Mexico, and the ebooks are available now from your usual ebook retailers or directly from Riverton Press.

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