poetry reviews

Some reviews have come in about sprinting on quicksand and it’s surely time to share them here, along with a photo from my bookshelves, a miniature from my world.

“I have a new way of starting my day – with my early morning cup of coffee I savour your poetry and it’s such a joy! I’m taking Jan’s advice to go slowly, which I can also apply to my activities after reading a few of your poems. I’m sure this is good for my blood pressure.

“I loved your searching for Haiku! You can see I’ve jumped to the back of sprinting on quicksand, but I’m also into Bedrock. I love the images in the shearing shed, as I have memories of visiting sheep properties in rural Queensland years ago, and the little girl watching the re-invention of clouds – magical! (I used to lie on the ground and look at the sky watching clouds, even several years ago when I had my cottage in Tassie, but never thought of them being re-invented). And then there’s the contrast of the modern counting of “sheep” at the train station. Such different worlds.

“I look forward to continue reading your poems that create perfectly the images and stories that can lead me gently into a new day. Thank you for sharing your gift through words.” Annaxue

“Your gift: I read with recognition, reflection, curiosity, delight and wonder. I haven’t proceeded apace, I want all these experiences and more to continue. I want to spin out, be languid in, let your words, their placement play in my mind and create images, thoughts, ideas.  How special. Truly, who receives a book of poems from the poet for their birthday. Thank you, thank you. I’m honoured.” Sue

“Thank you so much for sending me a copy of your extraordinary new book of poetry.  It arrived on Friday and I have snatched some brief moments to look through and read some of your creations.  In that short time I have come to this conclusion: from book title to photography; publishing to personally signed book; exquisite wordsmith and ordinary poem titles that capture the extraordinary, you have created a masterpiece.  Congratulations!” Maureen

“I have just finished a first reading of sprinting on quicksand, and like the collection a lot.  You cover a tremendous range, and the book is full of surprises (among them, the line that the title comes from), but I can always hear your voice. 

I think Taking down the shingle got to me particularly. But I also loved the sequences, including the haiku adventure.” Raewyn